Before Your Surgery 

When you have decided to undergo an operation with Mr Russell, a number of things must be organised.


You will complete a consent form for the surgery, after discussion with Mr Russell. This admission form will vary according to  which hospital you will attend. You will need to complete the details of this form and return it to the hospital prior to your surgery.


You will generally be provided with printed information concerning your surgery by Mr Russell. It is very worthwhile reading this carefully at home as there is often a lot of information that you need to take in at one time. If you have any questions after you leave the rooms, please call.


Our staff will be provide you with dates that may be available to proceed with the surgery. You are able to book a date immediately or you can take a list of dates with you.


Mr Russell works in conjunction with 4 excellent anesthetists who are experienced in all Ear, Nose and Throat procedures, and are especially skilled providing anaesthetics to all ages of children. If you have any concerns about your anaesthetic, please mention this firstly to Mr Russell. Your anaesthetist will be in contact with you prior to the surgery.


The cost of your surgery will include components from the hospital, the surgeon and the anaesthetist. Your out of pocket costs will vary depending on your insurance company. Our staff will provide you with an estimate of your costs, but, it is essential to make contact with your insurance company to confirm your eligibility.


If you do not have private health insurance, it is still possible to  have surgery privately wtih Mr Russell at both St. John of God Hospital, Geelong and University Hospital, Geelong. The details of your individual costs can be provided by our staff on request.


You will be provided with a detailed instruction sheet, listing important issues such as fasting times (when to stop eating), arrival time at hospital, special instructions and your first post-operative visit appointment time. Please keep this with you for reference.